Courses Taught

Syracuse University

  1. Political economy of development (Graduate & undergraduate)

  2. Political economy of institutions (Graduate)

  3. Comparative federalism (Graduate)

  4. Ethnic politics (Graduate)

  5. Introduction to comparative politics (Undergraduate)

  6. Politics of India (Undergraduate)

Duke University

  1. Ethnic conflicts (Undergraduate)

  2. Politics of India (Undergraduate)


  1. Nominated for teaching excellence award (Syracuse university)

  2. Dean’s recognition for teaching excellence (Duke university)

Political Economy of Development

The course, offered to both graduate and undergraduate students, explores the patterns of affluence and poverty that so much characterize the world we live in, and examines the reasons for these patterns. Student enrollment: 25-40 for undergraduate, 5-10 for graduate.

Politics of India

The undergraduate course examines the  political developments in India to understand how the country was able to sustain democratic politics despite pervasive illiteracy, poverty, inequality and ethnic differences. Student enrollment: 5-15.



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Quality of teaching, spring 2016

Quality of teaching, fall 2016

Introduction to Comparative Politics

The course introduces undergraduate students to the global diversity in political systems, and trains the students to scientifically compare them to find out why they are so different. The course is aimed at students who wish to major in political science, economics and international relations. Student enrollment: 40-85.

Student testimonials:

This is hands down my favorite class out of all four years.”

Learned more in this class than I did in any other I have taken. Also the hardest class I have taken.”

“Sometimes it feels like I’m in a scene from Dead Poets Society -- inspired by the way he animates his lectures with passion and opens up the floor for students to engage with the material and learn to think critically for themselves.”

This is the best university class I have ever taken with by far the most engaging teacher... Genuinely looked forward to going.”

Student testimonials:

“...this course made me think. I had to really comprehend the ideas rather than memorizing facts... I learned a lot in this class.”

“Anoop is one of my favorite professors. I learn by attentively listening to him, and asking questions.”

“I found that the way the class was structured was extremely helpful to my learning... Participation was highly encouraged which made me pay attention and look to engage in the conversation instead of zoning out.”

“Anoop’s lecturing technique actually encourages students to pay attention and ask clarifying questions... He also did a great job at challenging us.”

Student testimonials:

I previously knew nothing about the topic and I thought the lectures were very well-organized and helped me learn a lot more.”

The professor is thoroughly intelligent and tremendously knowledgeable so it would be awesome to get a peace of his mind.”

“My writing skills have definitely become more matured from the comments and suggestions of the instructor.”

I hope to attend more intellectually challenging courses like this in the future.”

Truly enjoyed the class and discussions.

“Probably one of my favorite courses.”

“...the course was perfect.”

Student evaluations:

Student evaluations:

Student evaluations: