Anoop Sadanandan, Assistant professor
Maxwell School of Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Political economy
Comparative politics

Ph.D. (Duke University, ‘11)


Anoop Sadanandan

Peer-reviewed publications

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2013. Muslims can derail the Modi juggernaut. The Hindu-Business Line September 27.

2009. The parliamentary election in India, April-May, 2009 (PDF). Electoral Studies 28(4): 658-62.

2009. Book Review (PDF): Jenna Bednar. ‘The robust federation: Principles of design’ (Cambridge University Press, 2009). Comparative Political Studies 42(11): 1461-64.

Other publications

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Why do states choose particular institutions? How do these institutions shape political and economic behavior? Why do some people benefit and others lose from policies meant to improve general economic, political and social well-being? These are some of the questions I study. My studies stem from a desire to understand the political economy of development. In these studies, I seek to identify the interlinkages among political competition, political institutions, public policy and the economy.