Anoop Sadanandan (JD, PhD) is a lawyer and political economist. He studies and writes about the economy, law, politics, and India.

He is the author of a book—Why Democracy Deepens (Cambridge University Press 2017)—and several academic and journalistic articles. His book explains how India's momentous economic and social changes shaped its politics and promoted grassroots democracy (Excerpt here).

He was trained as political economist in Duke University, and received legal education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law and Harvard Law School.

He lives—and works in a law firm—in Manhattan, New York. Tokyo though is his home, which, as Naguib Mahfouz noted, "is not where you were born... [but] where all your attempts to escape cease."

Wherever he is, he likes post-war Japanese literature (especially Endo Shusaku, Matsumoto Seicho, Mishima Yukio, and Murata Sayaka), films (notably Krzysztof Kieślowski, Kurosawa Akira, David Lean, Miyazaki Hayao, and Ozu Yasujiro), and sushi.


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